Upfront Cash Advance
Upfront Cash Advance

Advance up to 50% of your future Airbnb bookings

Fast Application
Fast And Simple Application

Apply online and receive funds within 48 hours of approval

Unique Repayment System
Unique Repayment System

We take an agreed % of each of your Airbnb payouts until your advance is fully paid off

No hidden fees
No hidden fees

We tell you upfront exactly how much your fee will be

Do I qualify?

I am an Airbnb host based in South Africa
I have confirmed future bookings
I have 3 or more reviews

How it works

Step 1 - Make AirAdvance a co-host
Create your account

Link your Airbnb account by making AirAdvance a co-host

Step 2 - Make AirAdvance a co-host
Get an offer

Get an offer and choose how much you would like to advance

Step 3 - Make AirAdvance a co-host
Get Paid

Funds are paid into your bank account within 48 hours of approval


I used my advance to fix my place up a bit before the busy holiday season so I was able to charge a slightly higher rate. I also got great reviews which led to even more bookings.

Cara, Cape Town

Proud Association

AirAdvance is proud to be a member of
SASFA (South African SME Finance Association)